What to expect at Leaders In Tech Digital Marketing Conference 2018 – Education Tech, Fashion Tech, Data driven marketing and more !

Join us at Leaders In Tech, Jan. 20th in NYC Midtown. You’ll participate in a whole day session featuring speakers from Google, the Noodle Companies, Amazon, BMW, Adobe, Casper and more. This is a short but sweet event at the beginning of 2018, a start to an even promising year for your career.

Here’s what you will expect at Leaders In Tech Digital Marketing Conference 2018:

  • Education technology transformation driven by data:

The education world is exploding with new programs, technologies, and learning opportunities. With big data changing how the world operates, data’s influence in the education industry impacts the way Edtech firms create tools and services for educators and students.

Connecting educators and students with the right resources is probably one of the biggest challenges for today’s Edtech companies.The deeper an Edtech company understands how to meet the needs of people as well as adapt to the changing education landscape, the better it can build stronger relationships with its audience.

John Katzman, our keynote speaker, best known as the founder of the Princeton Review, now founder and CEO of The Noodle Companies, is going to give us his speech – ‘Does Edtech measure up?’. Come to listen to what John thinks about the constant changing Education tech landscape and how he seizes the opportunity of EdTech and helps his company grow.

  • Fashion has long passed the phase of ‘PR’ and ‘Celebrities’:

There’s no doubt that the line between technology and fashion has blurred. Amazon and Google, two of the world’s top leading tech companies, have made their moves in the fashion space. Amazon fashion was born and Google made its first Levi’s Smart Jacket.

Just like other industries, technology has transformed fashion in every possible way. The shift from brick-and-mortar retail to e-commerce increasingly requires traditional retailers to adapt to rapid technology changes and consumer preferences.

Digital Marketing Forum

Our speaker, Ruiwan Xu, former product manager at Amazon Audible and now co-founder of fashion company Teel Yes, is going to speak about how technology is shaping the future of fashion. Given her background in both tech and fashion, it will be interesting to see her unique point of view about technology vs. fashion and how companies could seize opportunities to meet consumers’ needs.

  • Data, data driven, data driven marketing:

The right data helps marketers better understand customers and meet their needs. Last year, more than 63% of marketers reported they have increased their spending on data-driven marketing, and around 20% of all marketing spend goes on data-driven advertising campaigns.

Digital Marketing Forum Digital Marketing Forum

Digital Marketing Forum Digital Marketing Forum

But how exactly can marketers utilize technologies available and extract the right data and useful information from the data? Our speaker, Liz Raschke, manager from Google will share the data driven marketing inside Google and our panelists Jill Zhang, Senior Data Scientist from Time Inc., Marketing Analytics Lead Qianyun Lin from Casper and Sisi Xu, Digital Analytics Manager from L’Oréal will be discussing ‘How big data can improve your marketing’ together and share how their companies are using big data to succeed in acquiring customers.

  • Channel strategy within digital funnel and E-commerce:

Investment in digital media has been growing year by year. And it’s pretty straightforward about the reason why: ‘online’ is where people spend the most time nowadays and almost all digital media are measurable and therefore optimizable.

Digital Marketing Forum Digital Marketing Forum

Digital Marketing Forum Digital Marketing Forum

Our speech speaker, Wang Liao, Director at Asturias Capital (Blackstone), will speak about tech/E-commerce companies from an investor’s perspective and share his ‘flywheel approach to investing in E-commerce’.

Our afternoon panel will revolve around the topic of ‘full funnel marketing strategies’, Danny Zhu, Digital Marketing Manager from BMW, Shan Huang, Senior Digital Marketing Manager from MongoDB, Amy Song, Growth Marketing Manager from Commonbound and Clara Li, Product Manager SEO from Grubhub will share how they strategize different channel to maximize the impact throughout the customer journey and discuss how they work with other departments in achieving their goals.

  • Design process in line with marketing strategy:

Although part of the creative process, Product design focuses more on the users’ experience, their end-needs and their interaction with the technology.

Digital Marketing Forum

Digital Marketing Forum Digital Marketing Forum

Our designer panelists, Tianyu Wu from Spotify, Wenting Zhang from Adobe, Bin Wu and Liwei Yu from Amazon will discuss ‘why product design matters for marketers’: what roles designers play in product and the business, the fundamentals of the design industry, how do designers collaborate with marketers and the latest trends and innovations of the product/UX design industry.

  • How to jumpstart a career in marketing:

Apart from speeches and panel discussions on education, fashion, digital, data, our speakers and panelists will also talk about their career path and how they end up at where they are today. This is a great opportunity, especially for students and for those who are pursuing a career in marketing, to learn from experienced marketers and peers.

  • Artificial Intelligence as part of Martech:

Artificial Intelligence can be marketers’ best friends. Marketers leverage technology to help campaigns better results. Come check out our booth featuring AI by Adorable and see how marketers can utilize technologies in achieving better campaign results !

This is truly an exciting event made for marketers and students (and yes we have student rates) in the industry. Register Now to reserve your seats for Jan.20th !