Education Technology and Fashion collide, the collaboration you never thought would happen!

I’m here to share the exciting news. CareerTu and fashion designer brand Parisa Wang will launch a collaboration bag!

CareerTu is a Y Combinator-backed online school focused on digital marketing, data analytics, and product design. Parisa Wang bags have been featured in the Runway, Vogue, Bazaar and much more.

Top mentors with talented CareerTu students in digital marketing, product design, and business intelligence will be owning the business success of this bag. Through immersive courses and real-world projects, students will work together to complete the product releasing and marketing from the beginning to the end.

You may have seen the collaboration between Nike and Coca Cola

You may have bought a T-shirt collaboration with Marvel and artist Jason Polan

Or Burberry Popsicles…

–But this is a collaboration you definitely have not seen.
The first, cross-border cooperation between an educational technology company and a fashion designer brand! Better yet, you can participate in the design of the bag. Your favorite bag, you decide. Yes, you the reader of the article!

We chose from the classic bag designs of Parisa Wang and have selected four of the best-seller bags. The bag with the highest number of votes from everyone will be the design blueprint for the joint collaboration with Parisa Wang.

Your choice will determine the capstone project for CareerTu’s student. Which bag we decide to go forth with will depend on your precious vote. It will help students to progress toward their business challenges and goals.

Calling for brands! If you are interested in working with CareerTu like Parisa Wang, please email us at
Below you can vote for which bag design you like.